Mini Cooper


& Stickers

The Process

In all cases the design process is the same. We begin with photographs and accurate measurements of your vehicle so a custom template can be created. After putting together a design concept, we then build the design over the template around the desires of you the client. Once the design is finalized and approved, it is converted to printable files that will allow for a seamless install. We then move to the production phase where the files will be printed and let to gas off or dry for at least 24 hours. The printed vinyl is then covered with clear gloss or matt laminate to protect the print from abrasions and UV rays. We then get to installation. After a very thorough cleaning and removal of external parts our certified installers go to work. The vinyl is applied to your vehicle.


Working up the design is usually the most time consuming part of the process. There are many variables to consider when building the elements that will become the skin of your vehicle. Right side, left side, a logo that fits perfectly on one side may run into windows or door handles on the opposite side, and matching colors and design elements across body panels such as bumper to fender, or hood to fender. Finally we build the install design to be as seamless as possible. A well designed wrap will focus attention on the message rather than being distracting with badly placed seams and forced or uneven text. Once the design and approval portion is complete the production will take about three days, followed by two to three days for the installation.